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Catalogues and books

Whether it's exhibition catalogues, artist's books, text and photo books or medical catalogues - from simple, generous layouts with lots of white space and large-format illustrations to compressed and precisely set 700-page reference works for doctors and laboratories: editorial design and art direction in the catalogue and book sector are two of our favourite disciplines.

  • Conceptual design
  • Editorial Design
  • Visual language
  • Art Direction Photography
  • Art Direction Illustration
  • Book design

Stille Schätze, Marta Herford

Die Beste aller Welten, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn

Bernhard Prinz – Latifundia, Steidl Verlag

Corporate Language, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz

Leistungskatalog Labormedizin A–Z, LADR Intermed

Schwarzes Brett, Dirk Stewen

Körber Photoaward, Körber-Stiftung

epea European Photo Exhibition Award 01, Körber-Stiftung

ci-Magazin, Gärtner Internationale Möbel