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We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally and usually temporarily in the cache of your browser. The cookies serve in particular to recognize the Internet browser. They are used for session control and for statistical evaluation. These cookies do not contain any personal data. With a cookie, neither your name, e-mail address nor your position are recorded. The creation of a pleasant environment for visitors to our website partly includes the use of cookies to process information in order to better understand what you expect from our website and your visit to us. We may use information from these cookies to optimize your next visit to our website for you and everyone else.

Types of cookies

Essential cookies

The indispensable cookies allow our users to move around the website and use functions. Without these cookies, the requested services cannot be provided. These cookies do not collect information about you, nor are they used for marketing or advertising purposes. We use indispensable cookies to...

• To identify you as a user on the individual pages so that the pages are displayed correctly.
• to ensure that the website is working and that the functions are performed correctly.
• store your preferred settings, such as language or search settings.
• to save your settings for the use of cookies.

Analysis cookies

The analysis cookies collect information on how our website is used. They help us improve the functionality of our website, see which areas of the website are of greater interest to our customers and learn more about the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. All this helps us to provide our users with the best possible experience when they visit our website. We use performance cookies to...

• to compile statistics about how our website is used.
• to see how effective our advertising campaigns are.
• use known, non-personal user behaviour to improve our website.

How long are cookies stored on your device?

Temporary Cookies

On all our secure pages, we use temporary cookies (so-called "session cookies"), i.e. cookies that are limited to one session, to assign and store a session ID so that you can move back and forth between the different areas of our website without interruption. This session ID is also used for internal reporting purposes. It is not possible to identify you as a person using this session ID. Cookies of this type also do not leave any retrievable information on your hard disk. Most of your first-party cookies are session cookies that expire after you close your Internet browser.

Persistent cookies

Our first-party analysis cookies and third-party cookies are permanent cookies because they are used to help us recognize visitor patterns over time or to provide additional features. They may be stored on your computer for 24 hours, depending on the function they help to perform.

How are cookies managed?

You can manage cookies both via your browser in general and via our cookie dialog in particular only for our website. We use cookies to store your cookie settings. Should you decide to generally reject cookies via your browser administration, you will have to change the settings in our tool again each time you visit.

Deleting and deactivating cookies via your browser administration

You can manage your cookies via your web browser. You can always set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. This allows you to decide whether or not to accept the cookie. At no time can the cookie read data from your hard drive, and you can remove it from your computer at any time. For more information, please refer to your browser help.