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Wohnkultur66 Digital

Wohnkultur66 is a retailer of highly exclusive furniture from small manufactories. In addition to invitations, mailings, advertisements or trade fair appearances, we also design the website or social media campaigns in our studios.

  • Digital Media
  • Conceptual design
  • Editorial Design
  • Web Design
  • Content Management System
  • Art Direction Photography
  • Environmental Design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Social Media

The Wohnkultur66 website follows a simple graphic principle that was able to adapt to mobile or desktop screens more than 10 years ago when it was launched. Through continuous updates such as onsite SEO or high-resolution images, the website has become a modern classic – just like Wohnkultur66.

The Instagram channel ( reflects the different and sometimes surprising program of Wohnkultur66: The topics are posted in very different ways in stories, contributions or whole tableaus.