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Dirk Stewen

Dirk Stewen is a German artist who lives and works in Hamburg.He works in the media of drawing, watercolour, photography as well as installation and is represented by such renowned galleries as Maureen Paley in London or Tanya Bonakdar in New York.

The conception, design and implementation of his website is our latest collaboration project with him. Previously we conceived and designed his artist book Schwarzes Brett.

  • Digital Media
  • Conceptual design
  • Web Design
  • Content Management System
  • Onsite SEO Integration

The website appears playful at first glance. Visitors are confronted with “blank” canvas on which they can place randomly selected works from Dirk's extensive archive by clicking. These constantly changing arrangements then combine, for example, photographs with paper works or installation views, thus providing an insight into the fascinating diversity of Stewen's catalogue.

For logged-in visitors, such as his gallerists, the website, both mobile and in the classic desktop format, provides extended information or even a comprehensive overview of the complete works.

Detailed view of an installation from the exhibition “Liebe ist kälter als das Kapitel” at Kunsthaus Bregenz in 2012.

The extensive archive is divided into Dirk Stewen's work areas collages, drawings/watercolors, editions/photos, ensembles (or installations) as well as the so-called Twins: unique pieces that at first glance seem to exist two times.

The artist's book “Schwarzes Brett” was created in close collaboration with the artist and is largely devoted to Stewen's photographic oeuvre.

Cover “Schwarzes Brett”