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Kunstverein in Hamburg

For the second time since 2009 we relaunched the website of the Kunstverein in Hamburg. A timeless, clear design reflects the spatial and organizational structures of the Kunstverein – and confidently balances emotion and rationality. For the first time, a Digital Archive depicts the over 200-year history of the Kunstverein in Hamburg.

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Established over 200 years ago, international artists such as Jackson Pollock and Francis Bacon celebrated their exhibition premieres at the Kunstverein in Hamburg. It has been dedicated to the presentation and mediation of young, contemporary artistic positions and serves as a platform for constructive exploration of new paths in art.

In essence, the new design of the website is based on the same principles as the predecessor we created in 2009: The design has been reduced to such an extent that the focus is entirely on the diverse content of the Kunstverein.

Following a strict grid, the design expresses itself primarily through simplicity and attention to detail, without compromising flexibility or scalability – one of the most important challenges for a modern, constantly growing website.

Exhibition page, using the example of “Peaches – Whose Jizz Is This?”

Due to the scalability of the design, the new website of the Kunstverein in Hamburg is fully accessible for mobile use.

The exhibition area includes all exhibitions of the last five decades. More recent exhibitions or events can be found in the Digital Archive.

Celebrating its 200th anniversary, the Kunstverein has begun to reappraise the eventful history of the city of Hamburg, which not only tells the story of art but also of its cultural development, and to make it usable in the Digital Archive.

An extensive part of the material on history has already been collected from the city's archives, the Kupferstichkabinett of the Hamburger Kunsthalle and the in-house archive, and is constantly being expanded.