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Photography: Crisis of History

In his works, Joan Fontcuberta, Catalan artist, author and curator, often deals with the question of originality and authorship of artworks. His exhibition “Photography: Crisis of History” takes this to the extreme: Things are not what they seem. For the 7th Triennale der Photographie Hamburg, curators Alison Nordström and Cale Garrido asked us to create an overall visual identity and exhibition design.

  • Environmental Design
  • Conceptual design
  • Corporate Design
  • Signage
  • Marketing

Based on a signature field, as it is used for the certification of artworks, we designed a key visual whose typography appears serious and perfect only at first glance.

A closer look reveals that this is only an illusion: the letters are cut roughly and appear incorrect. The play with supposed improvisation and spontaneity is like a common theme throughout the signage and the entire exhibition architecture.

In the entrance area of Hamburg's Barlach-Halle K, for example, a presentation of the history of photography awaits the visitor. However this seems more like a temporary, homemade solution – and the ends of which are already rolling in.

Also the pins with the somewhat too big, colorful heads are a little out of place. They – apparently – seem to be the only attachment for many of the image captions.

They echo the colours of the three thematic groups, which can also be found in the display cases.

At the end of the exhibition, the visitor makes a surprising discovery in a large, white cube that puts Fontcubertas work in a different light – and also explains the play with the clichés of the exhibition design.